#10DBC [Day 1] – Finding Your Focus


The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

I know I haven’t been updating this blog consistently therefore taking on this challenge is a big commitment for me. I found this challenge by accident while browsing an article which pointed me to a sign-up form. I thought, why not? Since I need a shake-up in my 9-5 routine, this would be worth a try. Who knows, this could lead me to something new and permanent.

The first challenge for Day 1 is about taking the time to think about my biggest challenges and why I feel they’re holding me back. I wish I could list the out everything, but since I’m only allowed to share 2-3 challenges, these are the ones that I feel is stopping me from a life of freedom.

Challenge 1: Prioritizing

I’ll be honest with you on this one. I feel that time is precious and that I should use it to the best of my ability each day. It’s also the reason why I tend to do many things at once, filling up the free time I have for anything new to learn, to do or to see. Unfortunately I am realizing that, unable to prioritize my time is holding me back, mainly because I end up feeling burnt out from juggling everything in a week.



Challenge 2: Completing Something I’ve Started

My parents said that since I was a kid, I’ve often felt bored easily. I would often do a short term project and move on to the next one without finishing it. I just felt that if I couldn’t go on with a project, I should just move. I find that this relates to having ‘goals’ in life. This is because I tend to get impatient when I want to achieve something. I feel that I need to to do it quickly and get it over with to move on, and when it takes a long time to do something I just stop doing it.

I’ve learned piano up to Grade 4 and stopped there. I took up guitar and ended midway. There’s also the ukulele that I bought which ended up in a store room. At least one thing that has been consistent throughout the years is this travel blog which I will keep on doing until I decide to do something else.



Challenge 3: Fear of Financial Risks

I wish I could quit my job and do whatever it is I wanted to do on my own time. I’ve contemplated many things such as owning a hostel, producing my own magazine or writing about travel stories while roaming the world. While I would love to do these things, at the moment, there is fear of not being able to manage the bills every month. There’s so many what if’s when it comes to letting go of a 9 to 5 job. What if I can’t pay the bills, especially the new house? At the moment I’ve learned to work around this by putting a financial goal in 5 years time.



What’s Next?

While waiting for the next challenge, I’ve realized that these challenges require baby steps. Since I’m always looking forward to new things, this would be a good exercise to improve the way I blog among other things.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 


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